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Civil Service Exams
How to Prepare for the Civil Service Examination





How to Pass The Civil Service Qualifying Tests
Author: Mike Bryon

If you want a career in the UK Civil Service this greatly expanded new edition will help you achieve that goal. It provides expert advice and practice questions relevant to the tests used to recruit both clerical and Fast Stream applicants.

How to Pass the Civil Service Qualifying Tests aims to help you reach the same standard demanded by the real tests. Competition is fierce, especially for Fast Stream applicants, but you have considerable influence over your test performance. Hard work, determination and, most of all, systematic preparation can lead to a considerable improvement in your score. To this end this book provides:

  • hundreds of relevant practice questions;
  • timed mock tests;
  • answers with full explanations.

This essential guide from testing expert Mike Bryon will help you build up speed, accuracy and confidence. It could be your key to a rewarding career in the Civil Service.




  1. The Civil Service, the Tests and Practice
  2. Practice for Clerical Tests
  3. Clerical Mock Tests
  4. Practice for the Fast Stream
  5. Fast Stream Mock Tests
  6. Answers and Explanations

Further Information

Publisher: Kogan Page







Civil Service Exams

Civil Service Exams (Barron's How to Prepare for the Civil Service Examination: For Stenographer, Typist, Clerk & Office Machine Operator)

Barron's How to Prepare for the Civil Service Examination for Stenographer, Typist, Clerk, and Office Machine Operator

Five diagnostic tests, and eight model Civil Service Exams are presented here with answers and explanations for all questions. Detailed subject review sections prepare civil service applicants for positions as stenographer, typist, and clerical, and general office machine operators. Valuable test-taking tips are offered to help applicants do their best on these highly competitive exams.

Table of Contents:

  • Part One - The Verbal Abilities Test
  • Part Two - The Clerical Abilities Test
  • Part Three - The Typing Test
  • Part Four - The Dictation Test
  • Part Five - The Office Machine Operator Special Tests - Simplified Typing Test/Letter Series Test
  • Appendices

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series



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Firefighter Exams


Firefighter Exams - How to Prepare for the Firefighters Exam

This manual presents five practice exams of 50-questions each, two 100-question practice exams, and a 100-question diagnostic exam, with all questions answered and explained. Practice exams include two recent actual New York City Fire Department exams and five composite exams that reflect tests given across the country. The book also provides a detailed explanation of the Physical Component that is part of every firefighter exam. A subject review covers all firefighter test topics and contains more than 850 questions. Readers will find extensive subject matter reviews.

Table of Contents:

  • Part One—Becoming a Firefighter
    Overview of the Firefighter
    Firefighter Examinations—Knowledge and Abilities
    Firefighters Examinations Physical and Medical Abilities
    Test Strategies
  • Part Two—A Diagnostic Examination
    Diagnose Your Problem
  • Part Three—Correcting Your Weaknesses
    Understanding Fire Service Terminology
    Handling Recall, Visualization, and Spatial Orientation Questions
    Understanding Reading and Verbal/Listening Comprehension Questions
    Decision Making, Reasoning, and Problem Solving
    Understanding and Working with Tools
    Mathematics, Machines, Science, and Information Ordering
    Interacting with People
  • Part Four—Seven Practice Examinations with Answers and Explanations
  • Part Five—A Final Word
    What to Do Immediately Before, During, and After the Examination

Publisher: Barron's Educational


Firefighter Exams - How to Prepare for the Firefighters Exam - Written Tests, Physical Exams, Firefighter Oral Exam, Firefighter Written Exam


Police Officer Exam


Police Officer Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Officer Examination)
by Donald Schroeder, Frank A. Lombardo

Updated to reflect recent exams, this new edition for police officer candidates nationwide presents four full-length practice exams with all questions answered and explained. Tests include two given by the New York City Police Department.

All tests in this manual are good reflections of police department exams given throughout North America. The book's other helpful features include a new chapter on writing police reports, advice on making a good impression at an admissions interview, an overview of police officer's responsibilities, and added practice questions to help applicants familiarize themselves with the most common question types presented on typical police officer exams.

Publisher: Barron's Educational


Police Sergeant Exam


Police Sergeant Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Sergeant Examination)

Revised and updated, this manual prepares police officers to take any of the various exams given throughout the country to qualify for promotion to the rank and responsibilities of police sergeant. A diagnostic test and three full-length practice exams are presented with answers and explanations. Subject review sections cover data analysis, police science, and community policing programs.

Added features include brief practice-and-review quizzes and police assessment exercises with explained answers that are based on tests given by major police departments across the United States.

Publisher: Barron's Educational


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Police Sergeant Exam


Police Sergeant Exam : A Step by Step System for Preparing for Your Promotion Exam von Michael A. Petrillo

Get fast, focused preparation for the most important, most challenging exam of your career as a police officer with this book.

This essential resource includes two complete multiple-choice exams on the most commonly tested concepts and the Police Sergeant Mini-Course with vital review and practice in an easy-to-use Q&A format.

This is the only review book that includes a step-by-step preparation system, customizable study schedules, and an extensive bibliography of books for further study.

Publisher: Learning Express


Federal Clerical Exam



Federal Clerical Exam (Federal Clerical Worker Exam)
Learning Express

Take the Federal Clerical Exam and pass it with a top score using this book as your guide. It features three complete practice exams, expert instruction, and practice on all the skills tested on the exam. It will also help you prepare for the Typing Proficiency Exam, and give you essential information about federal job specifics. Also, you can find out everything you need to know about starting a career in civil service.

This guide gives complete test preparation for the Clerical and Administrative Support Exam for Federal jobs at the GS 300 level and below. Individuals MUST pass this exam to get a clerical job with the federal government. It includes details on how to find out about and apply for federal clerical jobs, sample exams, lists of job titles covered, sample application form with instructions, and much more.

Working for the federal government has many advantages, including job security, a good salary, excellent benefits, a pension, and job diversity and advancement. These jobs are not just found in Washington, DC, but in every state, and even across the globe. To get the job you want, you must pass the Federal Clerical Exam. Federal Clerical Exam: The Complete Preparation Guide will help you get the score you need!

Publisher: Learning Express




Civil Service Career Starter 2E

This book will help you make the right career decisions as you begin your career in civil service. It provides an in-depth introduction to the most popular entry-level civil service jobs in law enforcement, firefighting, postal service, and more so you can decide which career is right for you. Also included: two sample civil service exams and a review of key test skills.

Civil Service Career Starter

Table Of Contents

Introduction  •  Why You Need This Book

The Basics
1 •  Getting a Job with the Federal Government
2 •  Getting a Job with State and Local Government
3 •  Using the Internet to Find and Apply for Civil Service Jobs  
The Most Popular Entry-Level Jobs
4 •  Working for the U.S. Postal Service
5 •  Law Enforcement Officer
6 •  Administrative Assistant
7 •  Firefighter

Passing a Civil Service Exam
8 •  Civil Service Practice Exam 1
9 •  Reading Comprehension
10 •  Grammar
11 •  Vocabulary and Spelling  
12 •  Math
13 •  Civil Service Practice Exam 2


Publisher: Learning Express


Civil Servant



How to Be a Civil Servant

For new recruits to the Civil Service - and indeed for many already working within it - the do's and dont's of being a civil servant are not always readily understood. In How to be a Civil Servant, Martin Stanley -formerly a senior official in the Cabinet Office and now Chief Executive of the Postal Services Commission, provides comprehensive advice on how to deploy professional skills, handle ministers, prepare policy papers and oral presentations, and a wide range of other duties.

"This is the first book about the British Civil Service ever published by a serving Civil Servant.

The Civil Service is a profession, just like any other, although it is seldom recognised as such by the public. And the Modernising Government initiative is rightly leading to increasing interchange with the private sector. Newcomers - as well as their more exerienced colleagues -therefore need access to the store of knowledge which is one of the corner-stones of the profession.

The book and its companion web site accordingly provide up to the minute advice about how Civil Servants should most effectively carry out their professional duties, and how they should respond to unfamiliar professional, ethical and scientific etc. issues. In particular, they explore:

- the way in which Civil Servants work,

- Civil Servants' relationship with Ministers,

- the constraints within which Civil Servants must operate, and

- the way in which Civil Servants are managed.

The book is therfore required reading for newly appointed Civil Servants as well as for students, academics, journalists, politicians and others interested in British Government."

Publisher: Politico's Publishing


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Selection Tests


How to Pass Selection Tests

Many practice questions and specimen papers are provided here, enabling job applicants to put in plenty of practice in advance of the real test date.

The book also explains how the recruitment selection tests now conducted by many large employers (including the Civil Service in particular) work and looks at a variety of techniques designed to improve test scores.

Statistics say up to 12 hour's practice will improve a candidate's score by an average of 16 per cent; alternatively, since records prove that there are many absentees from any test interview, the chances of success may also be increased by simply turning up.

Publisher: Kogan Page


Police Initial Recruitment Test


How to Pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test

This text describes the written test that forms part of the selection process for the police forces of England and Wales, also providing ample practice material on verbal usage, checking, number problems, and verbal logical reasoning. It also suggests how to practice observation skills, which are tested on video during selection procedures. The material is based on actual tests prepared for police forces by the authors; similar tests are used by many UK fire services, as well as police services abroad.

"Any would-be Police Officer who followed the advice contained in this book, would find themselves very well-prepared for the selection process that await them." NEWSCHECK

Preliminary study and practice can improve the can improve the chances of passing the written test. The authors provide ample practice material.

Publisher: Kogan Page


Tracking - Suivi


Police Service



Careers and Jobs in the Police Service

The police service is undergoing rapid change as it adapts to face the challenges of modern life. Careers and Jobs in the Police Service details these changes and provides practical advice on how to gain entry, the personal qualities required and describes the numerous career possibilities on offer - from local beat to CID, from fast-track promotion to civilian support roles.

Illustrated by real life case studies, this book provides:

  • job descriptions and entry routes;
  • training and qualifications;
  • practice examples of the police recruitment tests;
  • where to look for further information.

Complete with information on pay and conditions, equal opportunities policies and essential contact details, this book is an invaluable guide for anyone considering a career with the police.

With over 140,000 police officers working in the UK and supported by a large civilian staff, the police service is a major employer, constantly recruiting school and university leavers and job changers.

It is currently conducting a high profile recruitment drive with which this book's publication coincides. Illustrated by real life case studies, the redesigned and updated book shows the range of jobs on offer.

A new FAQ chapter covers practical issues for prospective recruits and a further section offers practice police recruitment tests (this book will be published simultaneously with the new edition of How to Pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test). Complete with useful addresses and websites URLs.

Publisher: Kogan Page


Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam

Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam

Get the fast, focused preparation you need to get a top score on the Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam. Our exclusive test prep guide includes three complete practice exams based on the official agency exam, expert instruction in the subject areas covered on the test, and important test-taking strategies. Plus, you’ll get information about the requirements and application process for the many exciting careers within Treasury Enforcement. Get the score you need to join the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, Federal Marshals, and the ATF.

Working as federal law enforcement agent has many advantages, including job security, a good salary, excellent benefits, a pension, and job diversity and advancement. However, competition for Treasury and U.S. Deputy Marshal jobs is stiff, and you must pass the Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam. Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam, The Complete Preparation Guide will help you get the score you need so you can get the job you want.

Publisher: Learning Express






Corrections Officer Exam Preparation Book - Norman Hall's

Score 80 to 100% guaranteed! No other exam book makes this offer because no other exam book is as comprehensive and up-to-date. Norman Hall, a nationally-recognized test expert, outlines winning strategies and proven test-taking methods guaranteed to produce a score of 80 to 100%! He covers everything you’ll need to know to be hired, including:

  • Written exams
  • Physical abilities tests
  • Oral boards
  • Psychological examinations
  • And more!

    The full-length practice exams and other sample questions in this book cover every topic you'll encounter:

  • Memory
  • Reading comprehension
  • Situational judgment and reasoning
  • Coding interpretation
  • Report writing
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling
  • Basic mathematics

    This book comes with a full money-back guarantee! That's how confident Norman Hall is that you'll score at least 80% on your exam with the help of this book. If you're serious about becoming a corrections officer, then pick up Norman Hall's Corrections Officer Exam Preparation Book today.

    Publisher: Adams Media Corporation







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